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Published Articles
Please click the PDF icon below to read and browse through many of the artices Adrian has written and published in national magazines.  For example, "The Instrumentalist Magazine", State Music Education Conferences as well as Band Masters Conventions are represented here.
1. The Marching Band  Monster:
2. How's Teaching Your Trumpets:
3. Developing Multiple Tongue:
4. Daily Maintenance Routine & Core Practice:
5.  Trumpet Intonation and Survival Guide:
6. Everything Mutes:
7. Mouthpiece School 101:
8. All-State Preperation Tactics:
9. Five Core Elements for Success:
10: Getting Kids Listening:
11. Music Mentors:
12. Core Trumpet Literature:
13. Starting Beginner Trumpets
14. Performing with Others
15. Annotated Trumpet Methods
16. Proper Cleaning of the Trumpet
17. Developing High Range
18. Extreme Dynamics
19. Eric Ewazen Biography
20. Daily Routine, Adrian d. Griffin
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